Applied Analytics & Emerging Technology Lab (AETL)


Analytics-powered Innovation

Inspiring sustained co-innovation for the industry community.

AETL collaborates with iNDustry Labs to help accelerate economic and innovation impact in the South-Bend Elkhart region, achieving the goals of the LIFT Network.

As an applied research lab, AETL aims to:

  • Enable sustained co-innovation, engagement and collaboration between academic teams, INDLabs, and South Bend – Elkhart business community
  • Pilot ideas and proofs-of-concept for digital and analytics journey of businesses
  • Accelerate use-inspired research that leads to application of analytics in relevant industry, scales transition of analytics powered innovation, and drives advancement of foundational research
  • Cultivate societal impact through community partnerships
  • Accelerate Industry 4.0 digital transformation in South Bend-Elkhart region, enhancing competitiveness and growth

Ultimately, AeTL serves as the application arm of the Institute, working to deliver on short-run and long-pass opportunities for the local region, while inspiring use-oriented research in academia.

Need more information?

For more information on AETL and how to become affiliated with the lab, please contact Managing Director, Rick Johnson.