Lucy Graduate Scholars Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How many Scholars (approximately) are you looking to accept this year?

  • For 2024, we are looking for a cohort of 5-6 Scholars.

Are international students eligible for this opportunity?

  • Yes! As long as you are a full-time enrolled Ph.D student, we encourage you to apply.

What is the time commitment of the program in the summer?

  • Lucy Graduate Scholars are expected to attend monthly meetings. This year, the program will start with an optional welcome social in May 2024. The first required meeting will be in July 2024. There will be no meetings during Summer 2025. 

Would it be possible to do a summer internship while also being a Lucy Graduate Scholar?

  • Yes. If you won’t be physically on campus for Summer 2024, we are still open to coordinating remotely with you as we plan for Fall 2024. 

Is there preference for students with experience in data science?

  • There is no minimum requirement for previous coursework or training in data science. The selection committee will evaluate applications based on the selection criteria: Research Fit, Potential for Collaboration, Leadership, and Sustained Engagement. For more information about the selection criteria, please see the full application requirements.

Is it imperative that research is related to data science or just preferred?

  • Yes, your research description should clearly explain how data science is or will be involved in your research project.

Can I propose community engagement activities that are online-only?

  • Yes. If the proposed activity could also be conducted in an in-person setting, applicants are encouraged to include a justification for why an online-only format is preferred.

What other opportunities are there for graduate students to collaborate with Lucy if I am not selected or do not want to become a Lucy Graduate Scholar?

  • We have several other opportunities for graduate students. We offer free data science workshops that cover programming techniques and methods ranging from basic to advanced levels. Please see our workshops calendar for our schedule and information about how to register. Additionally, applications are open for the Lucy Regional Industry Analytics Summer Internships for Summer 2024. 
  • Starting Fall 2022, we have hosted several events specifically for graduate students throughout the school year including panels, interdisciplinary discussions, and opportunities to meet with visiting speakers. If you would like to receive event announcements and our weekly newsletter, please sign up for our listserv.