Invited Speaker: “Conflict violence reduction and pregnancy outcomes: A regression discontinuity design in Colombia”


The relationship between exposure to conflict violence during pregnancy and the risks of miscarriage, stillbirth, and perinatal mortality has not been studied empirically using rigorous methods and appropriate data. Giancarlo Buitrago presents his investigation of the association between reduced exposure to conflict violence during pregnancy and the risks of adverse pregnancy outcomes in Colombia.

Buitrago’s study offers evidence that reduced exposure to conflict violence during pregnancy is associated with important and previously unmeasured benefits in terms of reducing the risk of stillbirth and perinatal deaths. The findings are consistent with such beneficial associations manifesting themselves mainly through reduced violence exposure during the early stages of pregnancy. Beyond the relevance of this evidence for other countries beset by chronic armed conflicts, our results suggest that the fledgling Colombian peace process may be already contributing to better population health.

About the speaker:

Giancarlo Buitrago is the Vice Dean of Research and Extension at the Faculty of Medicine, Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Buitrago’s remarkable career and diverse expertise have made him a pivotal figure in medicine, economics, and public health.

Buitrago’s academic journey has been nothing short of extraordinary. His unique background in medicine and economics has allowed him to make substantial contributions to a wide range of disciplines, including Infectious Diseases, Public Health, Epidemiology, Development Economics, Econometrics, and Health Economics. His ability to bridge the gap between these fields has resulted in innovative research that has far-reaching implications for global health and well-being.

His expertise extends to Applied Epidemiology, Health Economics, Applied Econometrics, Impact Assessment, and Health Policy. His dedication to these areas has led to a prolific academic output, including publishing over 172 papers, books, and chapters in high-impact peer-reviewed journals and books. 

Buitrago’s commitment to advancing knowledge and addressing critical healthcare and economics issues is commendable. His research has not only deepened our understanding of complex health-related challenges but has also provided valuable insights for policymakers and practitioners.