Love Data Week 2022 — Learning through Play: Exploring Data Skillbuilding, Education, and Enthusiasm in the World of Video Games!


This talk is presented by Dr. Hannah C. Gunderman, Carnegie Mellon University.

For some learners, the idea of data and working with data can be an intimidating and scary concept, especially if the person has found the learning environments around data to be unwelcoming.

Gaming can be an incredible way to introduce data concepts in a fun, welcoming, and engaging environment, as well as practice your own skill development around data.

In this talk, Hannah will use gameplay elements, videos, and images from Animal Crossing: New Horizons, The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, GRIS, Pokémon, and Little Nightmares/Little Nightmares 2 to talk about several concepts in working with data and organizing data, and provide attendees with tips for how to leverage gaming both in their own efforts to teach others about data in a welcoming, inclusive environment, as well as to support their own data skill development.


  • Watch the Livestream (links are automatically emailed to registrants 1 hour before sessions begin)
  • Join us for refreshments and conversation at our watch party in 246 Hesburgh Library (weather permitting)

In the event of inclement weather or pandemic effects precluding our ability to convene on campus, the watch party in Room 246 will be canceled, and this event will only take place via Livestream. Livestream links are automatically emailed to registrants 1 hour before sessions begin.

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