Lucy Training: Web Scraping with Python

Presenter: Yang Xu

Explore the World of Web Scraping with Scrapy

Web scraping enables you to fetch and extract data from web pages, opening doors to information that might otherwise remain hidden.

The workshop provides an introduction to web scraping, and involves a hands-on project to scrape, parse and extract desired data from a webpage using Scrapy.

Scrapy is the Python framework of choice for web scraping. It’s known for its speed, flexibility, and suitability for projects of all sizes.

What You’ll Learn

  1. Grasp web scraping fundamentals.
  2. Master the art of HTML parsing and extracting data.
  3. Use regex for precise data retrieval.
  4. Set up Scrapy for efficient data extraction.

Who Should Attend

This workshop is open to university students and researchers who would like to boost their data skills. It is expected that the participants already know the python basics, such as different data types (list, dict, etc.), and writing functions.

A Friendly Note

We’ll delve into the technical aspects of HTML and how it helps locate data, allowing us to create Python functions for quick extraction. To fully appreciate and make the most of the workshop, some programming experience is recommended.

When and Where

This immersive workshop will be offered in-person in Hesburgh Library, 3:30 – 5pm Oct.3. There is a limit of 10 participants for this workshop. 

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