Etinosa Osaro


2022-2024 Lucy Graduate Scholar


Etinosa James Osaro is a Chemical Engineering PhD student whose research focuses on the use of machine learning and molecular simulations to classify and discover materials, for many processes such as Adsorption, Separations, Storage of Gas molecules. He has vast experience in using machine learning and has won several awards with using Machine Learning to solve petroleum, chemical and societal problems. Asides using Machine Learning every day, Osaro codes in many other programming languages and has worked with several companies to build technology products that are being used. Osaro also has a good leadership track record and has innovated several students’ benefiting programs back in his home country, Nigeria. He is very motivated to bring his experience and skills to the Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society and work hand in hand with the institute to achieve the goals.



Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering


Yamil Colon