Olatunde Awotunde

olatunde_awotunde headshot

2022-2024 Lucy Graduate Scholar


Olatunde Awotunde is a bioanalytical chemist in the Lieberman lab with special interest in biomedical diagnostics, nanomedicine and machine learning in scientific research. He is pioneering the development of mobile friendly algorithm and software capable of detecting substandard and falsified pharmaceuticals (SFPs) in Lieberman lab. Olatunde developed an algorithm capable of discriminating fake drugs from genuine ones using near infra-red (NIR) technology. He is currently investigating how this technology can be integrated with the widely accepted  paper analytical devices in lieberman lab to improve the robustness of the devices. Olatunde has served as the executive vice president of African Graduate Club and currently, he is the student chair of Point-Of-Use Platforms in Berthiaume Institute for Precision Health here in ND. Olatunde is highly passionate about community and global health, he is more than excited to join Lucy scholars towards a better society through data exploration.




Chemistry & Biochemistry


Mayra Lieberman